What Can EZArtTrader Do For You?  
  Private Parties  
  Looking to sell artwork that you've aqquired? EZArtTrader is the best and the cheapest place online to sell that artwork!  
  Advertise to hundreds of art galleries as well as everyone on the internet.
  Art galleries or resellers often track down specific paintings for their clients. EZArtTrader can help connect the buyers and the sellers.  
  Each listing allows the seller to provide as much info necessary about the artwork as desired as wellas the option to upload photos.  
  Art Dealers  
  Are you an Art Gallery? Does your business sell art? Imagine advertising your art online so that when people find the art they're looking for, they find you.
  Already have a website? That's okay, we can still help drive people to your website. Once the customer finds the art you are selling, they can connect right to your website or contact you through our email messaging system.  
  Also, Art Dealer accounts qualify* for secondary market access for selling or locating those hard to find or sold out from publisher pieces of art.  
  * Secondary market access requires proof of valid sellers permit.  
  Are you an artist? We can help you sell your own artwork!  
  Show the world your artwork and advertise to them also. Our pages for editing each ad encourage artists to place as much about the artwork as desired. Members can also upload photos as well.  
  Membership includes a brief bio page, which allows the artist to offer as little or as much info about themself.  
  Already have a website about you and your artwork on it? No problem, artists can link their site to their bio page.  
  Currently selling your art in an art gallery already? Be sure to describe where the art is currently located, that way when some finds your art, they know where to find it.  
  We feel artists can never have enough exposure. EZArtTrader helps artists advertise their own artwork as well as getting their name out there.