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How it works

You the seller post a listing advertising your artwork including all details necessary. Individuals or art resellers looking for art browse this site and view your listing. They inquire about your ad through email. Buyer and seller then responsible for method of payment and delivery.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of accounts?

Private Party accounts are for individuals who have aquired artwork that they are wishing to sell.

Art Dealer accounts are for businesses that wish to advertise their artwork.

Artists accounts are for artists who wish to advertise their own artwork.

Who can see the listings I post?

If you create a Private Party account, anyone can see your listing. If you create a Art Dealer or Artist account, then you also can display to everyone. Qualified accounts are eligable to browse and advertise in a secondary or wholesale section available only to qualified members.

How do I find a piece of artwork?

Click on the 'Find Art' tab near the top of the page and select the desired criterea. For best results, when searching by artist name, use only last name.

I can't find the artwork I was looking for, is there anywhere else I may find it?

If the artwork you're looking for is not in the listings, try posting a wanted ad. This service is offered for free. Simply click on the 'Wanted Art' tab near the top of the page and insert Artist's name, name of the piece and a valid contact e-mail address.

What's a good, safe method of payment?

Pay Pal might be the best option you but for the seller it may not. Sellers are required to inform what methods of payment they will accept. Alway be aware of a scam and if you suspect a listing, please notify the webmaster immediately.

How do I remove a listing?

Login into your account. Select the Edit button on the listing you would like to remove. Then hit the Reset Listing Button which will automatically erase the listing. However, the listing will still be available until the term is expired.

What can I list with my account?

You can list any item that is art related such as: Original artwork, limited edition artwork, and open edition artwork. This includes paintings, sculptures, figurines, glass, photographs, carvings, needlework, pottery....just as long as it is art related.

Selling Tips

Enter as much information as you can about the artwork you are listing. Search queries use the information sellers enter in their ad, so the more info entered brings a better chance of it being found.

Buyers feel more comfortable purchasing from a source that is knows the about the artist and artwork. Include as much information as possible about the artwork.

Photos are very helpful in selling. Picture say a thousand words that you won't have to type. People often don't remember the name of the piece they're looking for so having a photo can help buyers identify the art. Buyers also need to inspect the condition of the artwork and a listing without pictures may not get as many inquiries.

Setting the price. It is hard to always know what the value of the artwork you're selling is currently worth. One way to get a current value is to see what they are selling for online. If your art is from a well known artist it may be as easy as searching the web for online stores carring the same work. If the art isn't as well known, then you may want to consult the art gallery or business that sold it to you. Many art galleries offer appraisal services for a small fee. Or, see if there is already a post listing you can base it off of. Then it is your choice to meet or beat them.

Also when choosing a price, be sure that you have included an estimated cost for delivery or transporting. The full price should also have a the sellers preferred method of payment, we suggest Pay Pal.

If the art your selling is a popular, sold out from publisher piece then you may not need to list it for very long. However if the artwork isn't in high demand, then you may want to consider selecting a longer length of service when signing up.

Specify if returns are acceptable.

Bottom line. Make the buyer as comfortable as possible with the transaction.


Buying Tips

Get as much information about the artwork as possible. If the seller doesn't have much information in the ad, always inquire about as much as you can. Here is a list of questions a buyer may want to ask the seller:

What type of medium is it on? Canvas? Paper? Stone?

Is there any damage to the artwork itself (scratches, tears, sun damage, fading, loose canvas, holes)?

Is there any damage to the frame (scratches, cracked or broken glass, wavy matting, stained liner)?

Does the seller have any paperwork or certificates that come with the artwork? Limited edition artwork should have certificates of authenticity.

If it is a limited edition, what kind is it? A signed and numbered? An artist proof?

Where did the seller originally aquire the artwork and how long have they had it?


Searching Tips

When searching by artist name, ALWAYS type last name first. Example: Smith, John. Often, you may only need the last name.

You can use keywords when searching by title, as long as the title contain them.

If you know the size of the artwork, you may also use that to narrow searches.

Subject is a helpful when looking for art or even just viewing art with a particular subject.
Examples of searching by subject :


You also search by edition if you are only interested in a certain type. OR, you may only want to search for originals.

Contact Us

If you need to contact us regarding billing, account status, or need help feel free to send us an email at We will repond as quickly as possible.

Suggestions / Reporting a problem

In order to keep as efficient as possible for the user, we ask that you report any errors you may encounter. Also we would appriciate any suggestions that would help improve our site. Send problems/suggestions to



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